8th September 2013 – 16th Sunday After Pentecost C

I am so glad that, by the time you read this the elections will be over… bar the tally of postal/absentee votes! I have had enough of the whole election business on TV, Radio, billboards, and newspapers… And Facebook friends on both sides and places in between!

The thing is, I have no problem with people putting their particular “case” forward. I am just sick of the nasty comments and vicious put downs made against whichever group is being opposed. And, I am absolutely “over” the Christians who are so scathing of other Christians… questioning the faith or level of education and biblical scholarship of those of a different point of view.

The reality is, there are deeply faithful, wonderful Christians of all different persuasions and the “personal”, and sometimes vitriolic attacks, on those with a different point of view flies in the face of the commandment that we should “love one another”. Loving one another implies respect, acceptance, understanding and compassion. Lets face it, such negative, judgemental behaviour as we have seen in relation to the lead up to this election, gives Christianity … and, by association, Jesus … a very bad name in the secular world.

The readings for this week give us pause, if we reflect on them in relation to our own lives. In Seasons of the Spirit (a resource I am using) we are challenged to reflect on the reading from Jeremiah and ask ourselves the following questions.

Read: Jeremiah 18:1–4

Reflect: When has your life taken on a new, redeemed shape?

Read: Jeremiah 18:5–8

Reflect: When have you seen a community transformed?

Read: Jeremiah 18:9–11

Reflect: How can our community take on the shape of life God has in mind for us?

Love and Blessings

Reverend Shan