15th September 2013 -18th Sunday After Pentecost C

This week, by way of reflection, I share with you the Stewardship Thought from “Words for Worship” which set me to thinking about the way that, all to often, we fail to see God in the sights and sounds of everyday life. We forget that our God is a constant participant in life. Further more, God’s abundant provision is recognisable in all of Creation. The words of the following poem really spoke to me.

“I see you in all your seasons … talking about God

as if he were an idea instead of the grass,

instead of the stars.” 

In lyrical terms, the celebrated poet, Mary Oliver, seeks to call her readers back to the “deep-down” nature of God within our unfolding human experience. Ideas and theologies don’t seek out lost sheep to their own possible detriment, and they certainly don’t invite friends and neighbours from all walks of life to a feast around the kitchen table! Such expressions of generous, inclusive love arise from what is already at play in the world, not imported from a heavenly stratosphere!

Might it be then, that Christianity is as much a careful noticing of what God is already about and flowing with it, than planning and projecting with only our good ideas in mind?

We fret about our ageing congregation and low numbers, about the state of the world. We worry and plan, plan and worry! … We forget that Christ has already been here, Christ already has the victory. In the words on the cover of the invitation to January’s CMS Summer School – KEEP CALM for CHRIST HAS WON!


Reverend Shan