25th August 2013 – 14th Sunday After Pentecost C

I am struck by the deep compassion of Jesus when he sees this woman in the synagogue. In simply seeing her he understands and knows her need. In calling her into the circle of listeners (all of whom were men) he was breaking down barriers and accepting her as worthy of Gods kingdom. In word and in touch Jesus frees her crippled body, and spirit.   Through a story of healing of a bent-over woman, Jesus demonstrates that all people are of value, and worthy of enjoying the wholeness of life. Whether the woman is healed of a physical ailment or not is secondary to the fact that she is set free from a heavy burden.

This woman did not come seeking healing… she was simply in the right place, at the right time, and caught Jesus eye. Healing in the gospel is as much to teach a lesson to the observers as it is a blessing on the one who is healed. It seems that Jesus intended to teach love, acceptance and compassion to his listeners, as much as to heal the woman.

Perhaps you yourself have felt “bent over” by the burdens of life and sought renewal and restoration? Jesus, the Christ, looks lovingly at each one and longs to lift you from the burdens of the day. We, as His followers, are also called to be sensitive to those who carry pain of any kind from their own journey. So look around you. Those who you encounter today may also be carrying deep hurts and heavy loads. Let us be gentle and compassionate to one another, and to those whom we meet in our daily journey.

Love and Blessings

Reverend Shan