Reflections 8th August 2010

Recently, for me, it seems that our gospel readings keep focusing my attention on relationships… my/our relationship with God and my/our relationship with others. An important ingredient in any relationship is communication… two-way communication! In our relationship with God, that conversation is called “prayer’.
Too often we end up thinking that prayer is simply asking God for stuff but that is a bit like saying all you expect from your parents is pocket money and big presents!
Our relationship with God should be one of deep love and trust, in which we can disclose our deepest longings and fears. And God will respond to us, though not always in the way that either we want or expect.
In prayer we open ourselves to God, and must therefore be open to the possibility of being changed by that relationship… and by God’s response.
We are shaped by those closest to us; they influence our thinking and our behaviour – hopefully for the better – and without them we would not be the people we are. We don’t spend all our time talking at them or making demands; leastwise I hope not. Rather, we listen too, we care we support, we engage; all ways of seeing prayer.
The same with God!
I might go further. Prayer is nothing without action, and action can be ill considered without prayer. The two walk hand in hand. The old maxim is still true. ‘Speak little, listen much, and do all you can’.
BACK TO CHURCH SUNDAY Now, if you have a meaningful relationship with God, perhaps you might consider sharing that relationship, and the blessings it brings, with others. Maybe there are people around you who are waiting for someone to invite him or her to church, and back into relationship with God, and especially our Savior Jesus Christ.  Perhaps there is someone on your mind and heart as you read these words… might I suggest that you take a prayer card (at the entrance to St Paul’s) and add their names, as a reminder and a help as you pray for the opportunity.
Blessings, Rev Shan