Services Cancelled From Monday 23 March

In response to the spread of the coronavirus, the Archbishop of the Anglican Church Southern Qld has put on hold all services of public worship across the Diocese starting Monday 23 March, 2020. Please read the attached. 

St Paul’s WILL gather for worship this Sunday 22 March, 8.30am, for the fourth Sunday of Lent. Services will recommence when government, medical and Diocesan authorities deem it safe to do so. 

In place of the fourth instalment of our Lenten Teaching Series on Our Statement of Faith (The Creed), we will instead share information, discussion and together pastorally plan our way forward as a community. Much work has already been done on ways we can connect with and care for each other while self-isolating. 

This can be an anxiety-provoking time for many in our community, particularly our elders for whom this whole situation can be quite overwhelming. Please hold everyone affected by the Coronavirus and its wider impacts in your prayers and on your hearts. Please ‘Like’ us on Facebook and check in regularly for further information and daily resources for prayer and reflection. 

Pace e bene,
Fr. Daniel+

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