Reflections 25th July 2010

Many of recent gospel readings speak of relationships within the family of God. Last week Mary and Martha were seen in relationship with Jesus. (Luke 10:38-42)
At a time when women were treated as possessions and had little autonomy, Jesus treated both as real human beings, visiting with them in the absence of another male family member. Breaking taboos, he obviously valued their friendship and felt comfortable in their presence.
While he may have had reason to “pull up” Martha for criticizing Mary… never-the-less, he showed a desire to share with them both. Further, he is seen treating Mary as though she were a disciple, learning, seated at His feet.
Jesus breaks down human barriers and reaches the hand of friendship across human obstacles and societal barriers.
In Tuesday’s gospel (Matthew 12:46-50) Jesus says “Who is my Mother? Who are my brothers?’ 49 And pointing to his disciples, he said, “Here are my mother and my brothers! 50 For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.”
So we are called into an intimate family relationship with Jesus, our brother, and the ‘Servant King”, not by virtue of our blood or genetic connection… but by virtue of our faith. More, we are also, all children of the one heavenly Father who longs to hear us call on his name … longs to hear us call.   “Abba”, “Daddy”, “Father!”
We are bound together in the family of God. How truly blessed we are! Visitors to the Rectory
Maurie and I have a strong desire to be part of the faith community of St Paul’s, and the local community of the Manly and Bayside area. As someone mentioned last week, many deep spiritual issues are most easily approached in a relaxed casual setting, rather than in the time after our Sunday worship.
We do welcome visitors to the rectory. If you see us out and about please say “hi”… or knock on the door if you are in the area. Of course, if we don’t know you are going to call in we might be tied up with other activities… so a call first would help to insure availability.
We also welcome and accept invitations to visit parishioners. We take seriously our membership in God’s family!
I simply ask that you respect my need for a day off each week. At the present time it is Friday although, with the market this week, I will be taking at least part Monday off.
In case of an emergency, however, unless I am out of town, I am always available… just call the parish phone!
Blessings, Shan.