Rector’s Reflections 21st June 2009

Our annual Synod affords the opportunity to discuss the policy and objectives of the church, with a view to making the future better than the past. Needless to say that does not always happen, but we live in hope.

The synod of our 150th year has significance if only for that number. There have not been 150 synods, but the diocese has grown over that time to be a significant player in Queensland. Now that we have completed our cathedral we should stand ready to apply our minds and prayers to matters other than buildings. Promoting the Gospel in a contemporary manner should be high on our agenda.

The existence of Synod underlines the role of the members of the church. The members of the church have a significant majority of the seats in Synod Should they care to do so they can make significant policy contributions to the future shape of the church and its actions.

But we don’t seem to be able to do it.  The interface between church and community is problematic. All of us are members of both. We are church members on Sunday and whenever we are on site. We are members of the community whenever we are at the shops or the library or the service station etc. But having a foot in both camps does not enable us to walk on two feet. We hop along on one foot, depending on where we are at the time.

The lack of confidence will show itself again at Synod.

I am circulating around the parish a document on marketing. It relates specifically to the Camp Hill parish which has changed its name to Eastern Hills. Members of the Parish Council all have a copy and it is available from the office. If we can generate a similar document from our own resources we could put it on our parish website.

I know that Marketing is a term we don’t usually associate with the church. More’s the pity. There is a distinction between marketing and selling. Marketing is about establishing a profile and positioning ones product. If you cannot be seen then you cannot make the sale.

We must pray for the synod that its members will take the promotion of the Gospel as their first concern.