Fourth Sunday after Pentecost – 17th June 2018

A message of thanks from all at St Paul’s, Manly.

As we come to the end of Fr David’s tenure as Associate Priest at St Paul’s we would like to offer a few words of thanks to David and Rhonda for their spiritual guidance, love, support and good humour during their time with us.

They have both fitted in to our church family, despite our occasionally somewhat peculiar ways with barely a raise of the eyebrows! We like to think of ourselves as a warm, welcoming and friendly congregation and trust David and Rhonda have found us so.

We often hear the term, ”We live in uncertain times”. These words are certainly true for us today as we journey through this interegnum. With David’s steadying hand on the tiller we have sailed through this part of the journey and been given the strength to carry on. What lies ahead only will God know. We just pray that in this small corner of his vineyard all will be well.

So as David and Rhonda approach their last Sunday with us as our Priest ‘team’, I would like to offer on behalf of the Wardens, Parish Council and congregation a hearty and heartfelt farewell. May God bless you both as you begin a new chapter in your lives bringing you joy, contentment and good health. We will hold you in our hearts and remember you with fondness.

With every blessing,

The Wardens, Parish Council and Congregation of St Paul’s, Manly.