Sunday Worship Is Back!

St Paul’s Parish Council has determined the following in relation to St Paul’s worship, ministry and site access ensuing COVID-19 Safety:

1) In-person Sunday Worship will recommence at St Paul’s from this Sunday, 11 October, from 8.30am.

This is only possible if we all comply strictly to our parish COVID Safe Plan i.e. social distancing, hand hygiene, church cleaning after each use. Sunday services will be Holy Communion in one kind (bread only). If you are unwell, have been or may have been exposed to an individual diagnosed with COVID-19 or with COVID-19 symptoms or feel it better for your own health to stay at home, please feel free to do so.We will continue to Zoom Sunday services as we did last Sunday and make every effort to foster an inclusive environment for all parishioners regardless of your location. Morning tea following Sunday services remains on hold for the time being. Parish Council has also ensured we are agile enough to return to full Zoom services should government restrictions change in future.

2) Midweek ministry and meetings will remain on Zoom at least until the end of 2020. To minimise exposure for all, midweek ministry (e.g. Tuesday Morning Prayer) and parish meetings (e.g. Parish Executive) will remain on Zoom at least until the end of 2020. Zoom details for each of these “meetings” remains the same as we have been using during the COVID-19 shutdown.

3) Site access is to be minimised and properly documented at all times for contract tracing and cleaning, including the toilets. Access to all buildings on the St Paul’s site is subject to our parish COVID-19 Safe Plan. I recognise we are all keen to get back to frequenting our church, but each time an individual visits the site contract tracing must be undertaken, along with hand hygiene and social distancing. In addition, each time an individual enters our buildings, that building must be cleaned to ensure compliance with government COVID-19 Safe requirements. This includes the toilets in the Hall. The church will be professionally cleaned after each Sunday service. This professional cleaning includes the toilets. However, if you are on site and use the toilets during the week, it is your responsibility to clean the toilets in full (including door handles, sink etc.) and empty the bins into the council wheelie bin at the rear of the Hall. Honestly, it’s easier to go to the loo at home before you head out!Parish Council and I are so grateful for your patience and understanding at this challenging time. The more of us who stick to the COVID Safe Plan, the sooner we can get back to normal.

Thank you.

Pace e bene,