Second Sunday after Easter Day – 23rd April 2017

Thomas joins the ranks of those who recognize divinity in Jesus: Simon Peter (Matt 16:13ff), Martha (John 11:27), and the Roman centurion (Matt 27:54); yet he is most frequently remembered for his doubts. Maybe that is because we sympathize with him: at times we too have more questions than answers, more doubts than certainty. There is something refreshing in the courage of Thomas to give his doubts voice.

We always have questions, even when we don’t want to admit it. There are things with which we struggle, things that confuse us, things that make us wonder. Yet God is with us through all of that – not condemning us, but continuing to love us.

Many people struggle with the stories of the Resurrection. They may seem to stretch our understandings of how things work in the “real world.” But does it matter? In the variety of resurrection stories the gospels give us – both on Easter morning and beyond – we are given a range of ways in which people encountered the risen Christ. As Jesus indicates to Thomas, there are many ways to experience the risen Christ, and we must never let ourselves be limited.

What are some ways you have experienced the risen Christ in daily living?

What do we, as individuals or faith communities, need to see or touch or understand in order to believe?

What might we need to show or do for others in order that they too might catch a glimpse of the risen Lord Jesus?