All Saints Day – 5th November 2017

In the Gospel reading this week Jesus is telling his followers not to look at what their religious leaders are doing (as a guide) as they do not practice what they preach. Their motive is to be seen and given the place of honour and respect, not to follow the
teachings of Moses.

Jesus says we are all equal – all children of God “for we have one Father – the one in heaven” (v.9) and “The greatest among you will be your servant” (v. 11). This passage and the others for this week show aspects of leadership and demonstrate what good leadership might look like. We are all called to be faithful to God, and to use our God given gifts to serve God and our community.

This All Saints Day we remember all who have gone before us, laying the foundations of faith and community on which we build.

How might we honour everyone’s contribution in assisting the community to grow in faith and humble service?

Do we remember we are all equal in God’s sight? Or do we compare our own
contribution to those of our brothers and sisters within the community feeling more or
less worthy.

Remember – each one is a unique child of God, here with a purpose according to our
gifts and God’s call on our life.

May God, help us to not look to others for validation, but to Jesus for teaching and