Pace… a place of peace and prayer

St Paul’s has launched an innovative new ministry, Pace… a place of peace and prayer @Pace Community.

Inspired by the ancient tradition of Christian mysticism, Pace (par chay) is a contemplative spiritual community for all who seek a place of peace. We are both a physical and digital community seeking to accompany others as they explore the spiritual life.

Pace (par chay) integrates contemplative spirituality, new monasticism and a centre for spirituality with an existing faith community. Pace is inclusive of all spiritual seekers with an emphasis on the ministry of reconciliation and the peace and oneness this ministry offers our world, both within and without.

Going Deeper collates a variety of free multimedia resources for spiritual seekers wanting to explore the spiritual life in their own way.

Living a Contemplative Presence is a three part introductory series interviewing three experienced contemplatives on the spirituality and practice of peace and prayer, living a contemplative life and offering the world a contemplative presence. Interviews are underway soon.

Peace in Practice is a three part series interviewing three experienced peace practitioners on the practice of peace in the world and the role of spirituality and community in the pursuit of peace. Interviews are underway soon.

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