Going to church on Sunday is only part of the Christian’s journey… to be a disciple is to study the wisdom of Jesus, to seek intimacy with God through Christ. The word ‘disciple’ in biblical Greek literally means ‘student’. Lent is a helpful time to take stock of our lives, to reassess our practices as disciples, to get back to basics. 

In addition to our Lenten Bible Study on the Book of Lamentations, this Lent St Paul’s is offering two further opportunities for renewed discipleship open to all:

1. Over the six weeks of Lent, the kids of St Paul’s will learn about the 8 elements of our Holy Communion service – their meaning, purpose and how they draw us closer to God. Or as many grown ups often ask, “why do you all sit, stand, kneel and cross yourselves?” Come join us to find out!😄

2. For those new to faith or seeking and for those not so new, St Paul’s will offer a Lenten Teaching Series on 

Lent 1: Our Prayer Book 
Lent 2: Our Sacred Stories
Lent 3: The Lord’s Prayer
Lent 4: Our Statement of Faith
Lent 5: Sacraments and Oils
Lent 6: Sin and Covenant (not as scary as it sounds😅)

So if you’ve ever wanted to check out this whole ‘faith church thing’ for yourself or your family but were put off by unknown rituals and practices, now is the time! We are confident you won’t be the only person in the room who doesn’t know what’s going 😂

1 March
8 March
15 March
22 March
29 March
5 April 

St Paul’s Church, 99 Ernest Street, Manly, Qld, 4179.

Everyone is welcome! 

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