Easter Day – 16 April 2017

One of the most famous sermons of the Middle Ages was given by an anonymous monk who announced he was going to preach on “Agape” or the “Love of God.” The sermon was to take place on Saturday evening, just before dusk.

Instead of mounting the pulpit, however, the monk sat silently in his seat. The setting sun shone through the stained glass windows with eerie glow. When the cathedral was finally dark, he went to the altar and lit a candle. Then he walked over to a statue of Jesus on the cross. And in silence he held up the candle to the wounded hands.

For several minutes he just lit the hands. Then he moved the candle down to the feet, and held the candle there for several minutes. Then he moved the candle up to the open side; and then finally to the crown of thorns.

After doing this, he pronounced the benediction, and everyone left the cathedral in silence -maybe pondering the greatest sermon they would ever hear, a wordless worship of the one who loved us so much he would die on the cross for us. But how much more wondrous – He rises from the dead bringing us with Him!

Dear friends, this week I was rereading the writings of a young woman (Glennon) who writes a ‘Blogg” called Momastery. She says it better than I could so I share her words with you.


“Resurrection means that the Worst Thing is never the Last Thing.” – Beuchner

Hang on, Beloveds.
If it’s awful, it’s not over.

Good Friday means that Life Hurts. Saturday means that if we wait and hope and keep vigil- Easter Sunday will come to prove that Love Wins.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Pain, Waiting, Redemption.

It’s the greatest story ever told and that is because we ALREADY KNOW IT. It’s the story of our lives, our days, our bodies, our relationships and every flower and tree.

If it’s Friday for you- keep breathing. If it’s Saturday for you, keep waiting and watching. If it’s Easter for you- NOTICE AND REJOICE AND TELL ABOUT IT. Keep Easter tucked in your heart to pull back out and remember, when Friday comes again. DO NOT BE AFRAID when it’s Friday or Saturday. REMEMBER that Sunday always comes. Easter is always, always on its way.

That’s the Good News. For EVERYBODY. (Glennon – momastery.com)