Christ The King – 21st November 2010

Today we celebrate Christ The King… throughout the Church year we welcomed him as a child born in a stable, we journeyed with him to Jerusalem and the cross. We rejoiced in His resurrection and ascension and we gloried in the gift of His Spirit. Then we reminisced for a while… we remembered his teachings…  and today we proclaim him King.

Next week we begin the cycle again, we take the same journey, but we look through different eyes. Our attention is focused through the writings of Matthew, but we are also changed. The year has brought new events and new people into our lives. We look, anew at God’s word; we look with fresh eyes at the gift of His Son and His meaning in our lives.

On Wednesday morning we read the parable of the “talents” (Matthew 25: 14-30) and talked about it’s meaning for us. If we take the story out of context, it might seem that God supports gamblers, and those who speculate with their wealth. We do well to remember that Jesus is speaking of the end of this age and the coming of God’s kingdom.

Jesus is referring to our God given gifts… not only our earthly wealth… but our talents, our faith our hope and our love. These latter three are by far the most important. We are not to be like the fearful third servant who buried his treasure. We are to use our gifts in order that the word of God might reach others and, thereby, help to increase the Kingdom.

We have much to be thankful for… we are a people of FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE! What are you doing with these precious God given gift? As St Paul reminded Timothy (2 Timothy 1:6-7) “God did not give us a spirit of cowardice but a spirit of power and of love and of self discipline,. May we rekindle the gift of God within us. Amen!

Many Blessings

Rev Shan