3rd Sunday in Lent – 3rd March 2013

As I was preparing for this service I was struggling in deep turmoil, as our daughter Naomi has been very sick in hospital, and I have torn between staying and going. I have therefore turned to “Words for Worship” for my reflection.

Jesus’ lament in Luke 13:31–35 invites us to share our own deep feelings of disappointment and regret. Some may believe that doing so suggests a tearing down of relationship – especially with God, but lament is only possible in relationships of trust that know the rhythms of moving together and apart in love. Imagine walking on a labyrinth. The path moves toward the center and then away. Especially near the end, when one has been walking and praying for what seems like a long time, the path usually takes a final turn, leading to the outermost edge. Yet no matter how far away we seem to be, we can still see the center; it is always present with us, even if at a distance. Somehow, if we keep walking in trust, we will experience sacred presence once again.

God is very close, as close as the breath we take … May this be your experience as you continue your Lenten journey.

Many Blessings

Reverend Shan