Easter Season Series

As we embark upon the journey of resurrection, the Season of Easter, we are reminded that all Christians are Reconciled to Reconcile. All who seek in this life to emulate Jesus the Christ have, once and for all, been reconciled to God by the cross. The revelation of our union with God, places before each of us the call to the “ministry of reconciliation” (2 Cor. 5:18). As we have been eternally blessed by the peace and hope offered by our covenant with God, we each seek to bless others with this gift. In so doing, we play our part as members of the Body of Christ, inching this world ever closer to the world to come.

Join us this Easter Season for a journey through the First Letter of St John. We’ll share teaching in Sunday services and home group or personal study in our own time with a series guide. Contact us today for your copy.