A Year with Mark

In a three year cycle (Year A, B, C) the Church journeys through the 3 Synoptic Gospels – Matthew, Mark and Luke. This means we focus each year on a particular Gospel for our readings in worship and prayer. Year B, 2021, is the Gospel of Mark. A lectionary is used to give shape to our readings and study. This approach fosters depth of spiritual engagement with our sacred texts and hence a deepening of our relationship with Christ. This Year B, St Paul’s Manly is spending the year working our way together through Journeying With Mark by Woodward, Gooder and Bryce (2011). It’s a great little book for those new to studying scripture and for those who would like to refresh their skills.

If this all sounds interesting but also like gobbledegook, we’d love to hear from you! This is an introductory process to help folk learn not only about the Gospel, scriptures and God, but HOW to read the scriptures and what do we mean when we use words like Gospel and God. Contact us to know more!#stpaulsmanly#gospelofmark#yearb2021#spirituallife